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    How to Minimize Time in Traffic and Maximize Time in Jackson Hole this Summer

    By Visit Jackson Hole

    Let's talk about the "T" word. Summer in Jackson Hole means long days, big adventures, frequent wildlife sightings, and, yes, a little more traffic.

    But if you know where to go, and how to go, you may be able to reduce time on the road, increase time in nature, and hear a few less "are we there yet"s.

    In this summer traffic guide, we've included construction projects to look out for, scenic routes to try, and lesser-known ideas for your itinerary. We even included resources to check for real-time travel alerts and road conditions to help you stop getting stuck in the car and start getting lost in the mountains.

    Summer Construction

    If you’re visiting Jackson Hole this summer, plan for construction during peak times. A number of projects are taking place to improve our roadways and transportation options, but you can’t be an inDUSTry leader without a little dust. Be patient, be kind, and be prepared.

    The HWY 22 Bridge that connects Jackson to Wilson, Teton Village, and Teton County, ID is being fully redone. Instead of spending vacation time waiting in your car, avoid entering town from Wilson between 7 and 9 am and avoid leaving town for Teton Village between 4 and 6 pm to lessen traffic for Jackson’s workforce commuters.

    Pop-up construction projects, like filling potholes and repairing damaged roadways, take place in Jackson Hole and the National Parks as needed. Plan your route via Google Maps or download the 511 App to get updated travel estimates.

    Animal traffic jams are common in Jackson Hole in the summer months. Remember, you’re visiting their home! Keep your windows up, take in the moment, and wait for them to migrate on their own time.

    Real-time Travel Alerts

    Alternate Routes and Scenic Detours

    Try something off-the-beaten-path. Locals’ biggest advice for visiting Jackson Hole is to go beyond the standard itinerary. It requires additional research and a little more planning, but the rewards are invaluable – unobstructed views, out-of-ordinary pictures, and little traffic.

    Opt for the longer hike that’s farther out of the way, the bar on the outskirts of town, and the scenic drive south of town during peak hours. A few insider options: Ski Lake hike or Wildflower Trail, The Bird for burgers and beer, and Hoback to Granite for a leisurely drive. For other less-populated suggestions, call or stop by one of the three Visitor Centers in town.

    Moose-Wilson Road is an alternate route leading back to Jackson from Grand Teton National Park. If you’re leaving the Park any time between 3 and 5 pm, Moose-Wilson Road might be your best bet.

    Spring Gulch Road is another lesser-known option. This scenic route takes you by Jackson’s oldest ranches and drops you out half way to Wilson so you can try a Wilson or Westbank eatery for dinner. Or, stop at Golf & Tennis’ North Grille.

    Changing Timetables

    Early birds get stunning sunrises, active wildlife, and faster commutes. This trick is especially beneficial for East-coasters who can take advantage of the time change. Rise at 6 am, grab food on the go, and head to the National Parks before their gateways get backed up.

    Apres isn’t just for winter. A mid-afternoon meal, before or after an outdoor adventure, can be the perfect way to avoid dinner-time rush hour. If you’re in Grand Teton National Park, try Signal Mountain Lodge or Dornan’s; if you’re in the Village, stop at Sidewinders or Streetfood at the Stagecoach; and if you’re south of town, visit The Bird or Pica’s.

    Sunset tours and starlit adventures provide solitary experiences. Plan your adventure to take advantage of golden hour or start as the sun is going down and stay into early nighttime to catch the stars.

    Different Modes of Transportation

    Biking can be a preferred method of getting around in the summer months. Jackson has an incredible pathway system that spans most of the valley, allowing you to beat the traffic during high times. Make it a bike crawl by stopping at a few local bars and restaurants to and from your destination.

    Public transportation = one less car on the road. The START Bus provides a free in-town shuttle and a paid service to Teton Village ($3/person), Idaho, and Alpine. Download the Transit App to find your closest bus stop and plan your route.

    Traffic in Jackson Hole, like any popular destination, is caused by a large number of people trying to see or do the same thing at the same time. To avoid it, change your activity, change your location, or change your timing. If you still want to see Jenny Lake in the middle of the day or hit up the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar after dinner, pack your patience.

    And above all, be kind. If you’re visiting Jackson Hole to explore our incredible ecosystem, spot an abundance of wildlife, or savor our world-class cuisine, you can’t be mad at the car in front of you for doing the same.