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    Getting Around

    Navigating Jackson Hole: Riding, Biking & Driving

    Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, getting around Jackson Hole is an essential part of your experience.

    As a community with several nooks and crannies for lodging, dining, and exploration, having the right information, resources, and a navigation plan will set you up for success to easily explore all that this stunning region has to offer. Plan your trip by learning about the various transportation options available to visitors in Jackson Hole, including public transit, car rentals, taxis, and bikes.

    Public Transportation

    From the town square to Teton Village, travel the valley without the stress of driving.

    The START Bus is the local public transportation system that provides both a free in-town shuttle as well as a paid service to Teton Village, Wyoming; Teton County, Idaho; and Alpine, Wyoming. Numerous bus stops are strategically located around town. Be sure to arrive at your stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive and have exact cash fare ready, since drivers can’t make change and don’t accept credit cards.

    Local Tip

    Not bringing or renting a car but still want to spend time in the National Parks? Book a tour! Many guide companies and wildlife tours also provide transportation, which is a great way to both experience wild areas with a first-class guide and travel without your own vehicle.

    Wildlife Tours

    Jackson Hole Pathways

    Local bike pathways in Jackson Hole create a vibrant and sustainable form of transportation and recreation.

    With over 60 miles of paved bike pathways connecting nearly every neighborhood in Jackson Hole, commuting by bike is a fun and accessible way to explore the valley. Whether you’re pedaling to get a breakfast croissant and espresso, to the grocery store and back, or to a jaunt in the Tetons for a scenic spin, local nonprofit Friends of Pathways has clearly marked every intersection with signage to help you find your way on our paved paradise.

    About a dozen places in the valley offer bike rentals, including road, gravel, mountain, and electric bikes. You can find bike shops in Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village.

    Biking in Jackson

    Taxi Services & Shuttles

    Transportation where and when you need it.

    Ubers, taxis, and START on Demand offer door-to-door service around town and to the airport, Teton Village, and surrounding areas.

    Ride-sharing transportation companies are available year-round in Jackson Hole. However, they’re more expensive than alternative options, and because we’re a small town, Uber and Lyft are still growing in its availability. In addition to Uber and Lyft, the following taxi services are available for your transportation needs.

    Various hotels in the area offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport and/or downtown Jackson. Check with your hotel for details, or reservations.

    EV Charging Stations

    Plugin around Jackson Hole and across the state.

    Every year, Jackson sees a higher number of electric vehicles in the valley, which has grown our access to and availability of EV charging stations. In 2014 the Town unveiled four Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations placed at convenient areas throughout Town. These EV stations are located at:

    Deloney Street Public Parking Lot
    Home Ranch Lot
    Millward Parking Garage
    Town Square

    Find charging stations around Jackson

    Driving around Jackson Hole

    Explore the open road in your own vehicle or a rental.

    Road Trip Resources

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    Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park.

    Getting Here

    Getting to Jackson Hole is easier than ever, with non-stop flights from major cities across the United States to Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)—the only airport in a national park and just 20 minutes from the town of Jackson.


    Places to Go

    Jackson Hole forms an expansive piece of the West. Learn where the main attractions are, including which spots to hit, from Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone National Park and everywhere in between.