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    How to Rendezvous

    By Visit Jackson Hole
    Rendezvous Spring Music Festival in Jackson Hole Rendezvous Spring Music Festival in Jackson Hole

    The Local's Guide to Rendezvous Spring Festival in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    VIP experiences, nearby restaurants, local lodging, and insider tips to get the best out Rendezvous Spring Festival in Jackson Hole.

    Rendezvous Spring Fest is a free, two-day concert in downtown Jackson and at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The party attracts visitors across the nation, so it helps to have a little insider info when navigating the lively weekend. Here's your local tips on "How to Rendezvous" like an expert.

    General Rendezvous Festival Tips

    Tip 1: Understand your impact

    Every year, thousands of visitors take to Jackson Hole over this one weekend to dance, play, and celebrate at Rendezvous Spring Festival. Hosting a community-wide party of this magnitude certainly has its impact.

    Simply recognizing your piece of that impact and taking steps to mitigate it can make a huge difference for our community. At the festival, recycle your beer cans or, better yet, bring a recyclable cup to use throughout the evening. At your hotel, opt out of daily housekeeping. And at the airport, consider donating to offset your carbon footprint.

    Tip 2: Shop and dine local

    A huge part of Jackson’s allure is its unique, authentic culture. And the vibrant and diverse business community feeds that culture. When shopping, choose from over 50 storefronts in town and Teton County that are small businesses and locally owned. When dining, try something new for breakfast, lunch, dinner, apres, desert, and drinks (plenty of options for each are included below!).

    Tip 3: Packing your patience will elevate your experience

    The Jackson Hole community is ready to welcome Rendezvous visitors with open arms! But keep in mind, we all share this awesome music venue with 10,000 locals, an estimated 3,000+ visitors, and over 500 species of other living creatures. Be patient with each other and respect our land. After all, we’re all here for the same thing – to enjoy a beautiful moment in this incredible ecosystem.


    Tickets and Flights for Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    Rendezvous Spring Festival is free! Yes, you read that right. And no, it’s not a typo. Each Spring, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board bring in world-renowned bands for a community-wide celebration at the end of the ski season. No tickets needed, just get to the concert early becuase there IS a cap on how many people can attend.

    VIP tickets are available for those who want an extra special experience. More on VIP tickets is included below.

    Since the concerts are free, all you have to do is get yourself to Jackson Hole. There are direct flights to Jackson from 9 major cities, making it easy to get here. For more on getting here, see all your options here.

    Places to Stay for Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    The Friday night concert, The Head and The Heart and Jamestown Revival, is on Town Square, directly in the heart of the Town of Jackson. The Saturday night concert, Mt. Joy and Luke Grimes, is at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. Excellent lodging options are available near each venue. Where you rest your head depends on your budget and group.

    Hotels that are within a block walk of Town Square include The Wort Hotel, Hotel Jackson, The Anvil, The Lexington, The White Buffalo, and Cloudveil. However, the town is Jackson is easy to navigate and any hotel located in town limits would be walkable to Town Square.

    Hotels in Teton Village include Teton Mountain Lodge, Hotel Terra, The Four Seasons, Snake River Lodge & Spa, The Alpenhof, and The Hostel. There are also property rentals in the Village and the Aspens (a 5-minute drive) available through Jackson Hole Resort Reservations, Outpost, and Rendezvous Mountain Rentals.

    Getting Around at Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    Town Square, hosting the Friday night concert, and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, hosting the Saturday night concert, are a 20 minute drive apart. So plan accordingly!

    To spare yourself from finding a parking spot (which will be difficult) and to allow yourself to imbibe, it’s best to go carless for the concerts. Uber and Lyft are an option in Jackson, but will likely be available sporadcially and can be somewhat costly. The best option is to ride the START bus. Information on routes and costs (no more than $10/person for the night) can be found here.

    Where to Eat during Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    Jackson has a little something for any craving. Spring is a fun time of year for the cullinary scene, so take advantage of places that locally source their food and put a little Jackson culture in their dishes.

    On Friday night, hit up a spot a few blocks off Town Square to ensure you get a seat but can still walk to the concert after. Favorites include Coelette (upscale), Gather (nice and approachable), or Sidewinders (laid back and easy going). After the concert, well-known locations like the Cowboy Bar and Roadhouse will have a festival atmosphere, but more secret spots like the White Buffalo or Yeah Buddy Pizza will have great drinks and an option to unwind.

    On Saturday, hop off the bus at one of the spots on the way out to the Village concert. Places in Wilson and along Moose-Wilson Road include Stagecoach, Calico, and Persephone Westbank. Then for post-concert beverages, visit a bar in Teton Village like Corsa, Teton Thai, or the Spur.

    Skiing during Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    Over Rendezvous weekend, the whole town has a festival atmosphere, but it’s most prevelant on the ski hill. Think apres in Europe over Spring Break.

    If you plan to ski during Rendezovus weekend, be sure to book your tickets in advance. Not only do you save a little money, but the resort will only sell a certain number of tickets that weekend, so early purchasing guarantees you can hit the slopes. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee will be open for spring skiing, but Snow King Resort will be closed by this time.

    The VIP Experience at Jackson Hole Rendezvous

    For those who want to guarantee entrance at the concerts and elevate their experience, VIP tickets are the way to go. VIP Rendezvous tickets include locally-sourced catering, an open bar, a private viewing area, and separate restrooms (a beautiful thing). Purchasing these tickets can take the stress out of planning, allow flexibility in your schedule, and even get you closer to the artists.