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    Wellness Guide to Finding Restoration in Jackson Hole

    By Visit Jackson Hole
    Photo of Astoria Hot Springs provided by Astoria Park Conservancy.

    The healing power of place.

    In a place filled with endless recreational opportunities, we also offer plenty of adventures for the mind.

    Beyond the obvious benefits to your soul of bathing in nature, beauty, and awe, this valley is considered an energy vortex and has attracted some of the world's top spas, wellness practitioners, energy healers, and spiritual guides. We hope you’ll check one out and pamper and elevate your mind and spirit.

    From the moment you arrive in Jackson Hole and first lay eyes on the Tetons or watch a moose and her calf feeding on willows, the raw physical beauty of the landscape begins to recalibrate your sense of wonder and you begin to experience the awe and healing power of connecting with nature.

    From its earliest inhabitants, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem has been a place where human beings have long been coming to commune with the Earth and experience a deeper connection with themselves. According to anthropologist ke Hultkrantz, who has extensively documented the Shoshone culture, these mountains are home to spirits that Shoshone individuals came to alone, without a weapon, for their vision quest. During a vision quest, the person remained on the mountain for at least two and perhaps as many as five days without food or water. While on the mountain, the person experienced dreams and acquired the full power of those dreams throughout the following year.

    For many, the very act of being here provokes a spiritual awakening, but we have so much more to offer to amplify your spirituality, consciousness, and self-awareness, and spread the peace when you return home.

    Photo of Astoria Hot Springs provided by Astoria Park Conservancy.
    Holistic health and wellness centers, spas, and yoga

    Medicine Wheel Wellness is a holistic health and healing facility that optimizes human performance. Providers are experts in the fields of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, and are guided by the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, integrated with modern medicine to offer a holistic approach rooted in natural healing.

    Simply Health Collective provides a wide range of innovative therapies with a noninvasive approach to helping your body’s natural healing process, including an ozone sauna, lymphatic support machine, massage, detox, footbath, and frequency therapies.

    The Chill Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness located in Hotel Terra in Teton Village. Along with traditional spa treatments, some unique offerings include a facial and massage using Wyoming’s jade stones and a Kansa wand, and various bath rituals including a Shirodhara grounding ritual.

    Teton Yoga Shala on Teton Village Road offers a week-long visitor’s pass, and in Jackson both Home and Inversion Yoga welcome visitors to join a wide variety of yoga, mindfulness, barre, and Pilates classes and special events.

    Spiritual guides

    Jackson Hole offers many wonderful guides to the invisible realms of the heart, mind, and soul. From traditional counselors and coaches to quantum energy healers, mystics, and astrologists, there are a wide variety of practitioners with different ways to access these mysterious realms, but they all operate from the same core premises: to heal the Earth, humans must heal themselves; healing the body starts with healing the mind; and healing the mind starts with invigorating the spirit that lives within us all. This connection is being studied and confirmed in scientific communities and has been part of the human journey to a better life since the beginning of time. If you’re ready to elevate your experience here, these local guides inspired by the Tetons are here to help.

    Brandy Tuttle is a Native American spiritual teacher and energy worker with more than 30 years of experience helping clients navigate through life’s difficulties. She offers 1:1 energy work sessions, group speaking engagements featuring inspirational storytelling, and retreats based on her philosophies outlined in her book, Grateful Powerful Strong: Next-Level Navigation for the Spiritual Warrior. 

    Deidre Norman is a master sattva yoga teacher and medical intuitive whose mission is to guide people to align with their highest truth through personal energy evaluations, spiritual wellness courses, and the teachings of yoga and meditation.

    Lyn Dalebout is a biologist, poet, and sidereal astrologer who has practiced in the Tetons for over 40 years. She has developed a unique, grounded system of using astrological maps as a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation, for honoring one’s livelihood, and for living more consciously in all relationships. Lyn offers individual, child, and relationship readings and leads workshops for families, groups, and organizations.

    Daniela Botur is a healing arts and crystal singing bowl practitioner who uses sound healing as her medium to take people deeper into infinite realms of inner awareness by raising their vibrational frequency to foster awareness, authenticity, and creativity. She offers both public events, retreats, and private sessions in her chic tipi on a private holding on the National Elk Refuge with stunning views of the Tetons.

    Kathie Chandler, founder of Sacred Messages, is an intuitive and Reiki practitioner with a gift for connecting with her clients’ guides, ancestors, and angels and receiving guidance on their path and what’s holding them back. Kathie also officiates spiritual weddings, works with animals, and has a Theragem Crystal Light Laser that redistributes energy from parts of the body that are diseased (from toothache to cancer), restoring health and well-being.

    Martha Vorel, quantum healing facilitator, uses the quantum field to access pain, past lives, traumas, and programs (thoughts) that might be holding you back, preventing you from healing, or keeping you from living your highest.

    Sita Daavettila is a spiritual coach and podcast host who guides groups and individuals to discover the power of alignment of the vertical axis—the grounded nature of our connection to the Earth, the confluence of our mental and emotional bodies, and alignment to the higher self and the divine.

    Carol Mann, founder of the Cosmic Cafe, offers decades of experience offering Soul Readings, a one-of-a-kind clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of the multi-dimensional puzzle of who you are.

    Cindy Marie Campbell is an animal intuitive who offers Bears, Wolves, and Birds: The Sacred Teachings of Grand Teton Fauna to guide you to a deeper connection with Mother Earth and the wild ones who call these lands home.

    Group does yoga outside in Jackson Hole Summer Sunset in Grand Teton National Park.
    Nourishment for the body

    Healthy Being Cafe, Juicery and Wellbeing Market is a local, organic cold press juicery, eatery, and gathering space created by health and wellbeing coach Jessica Vandenbroeke. Just off Jackson Town Square, they create locally sourced food crafted with love that “makes you feel as good as it tastes.”

    Inversion Cafe, connected to the Inversion Yoga studio, offers teas, lattes, smoothies, and all kinds of elixirs custom-made from an extensive menu of herbs and supplements, and an eclectic mix of nut milks. Raw, gluten-, and grain-free energy bites and baked goods are made in-house, and vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore sandwiches are served on local bread.

    X marks the spot — places of inspiration

    The entire Greater Yellowstone region is considered by many to be an area of enhanced energy that’s thought to provide inspiration and well-being to those around it. It’s a place that amplifies—or magnifies—whatever we bring to it, whether on a physical, mental, or spiritual level. While we have no officially designated vortices (like Sedona does), there are so many places to uplevel prayer or meditation to enhance mind-body healing, heal hurts from your past, or just ease stress and soothe anxiety.

    Follow your feelings to the locations that resonate the most strongly with you. To experience the Tetons like a local, seek out less-trodden trails where you have a better chance of meditating in solitude. A few spots where you can’t go wrong are the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Grand Teton National Park, the top of Snow King Mountain, the top of the tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, somewhere quiet on Shadow Mountain, or soaking in the soothing waters of Astoria or Granite Hot Springs.

    Elevated events and retreats

    Wyoming Stargazing at the Stilson Parking Lot brings the universe alive; facilitated by astronomers.

    • Year-round, clear Thursday nights; private events are available

    Yoga on the Deck at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

    • Summer, dates vary

    Kriya Meditation and Sound Healing with Deidre Norman and Daniela Botur.

    • Weekly throughout the summer

    Wonder Festival, sponsored by the EcoTheo Collective, celebrates wonder, enlivens conversations, and inspires commitments to ecology, spirituality, and art.

    • Annually, June

    The summer solstice celebration is a ceremony that honors our connection to nature and rhythms of the season focused on rituals of smudging, blessings, offerings to the fire, and sound healing in community.

    • Annually, June 21

    Teton Yoga Festival offers a weekend of classes and workshops, inspiring lectures, intimate talks, music, and dance.

    • Annually, September

    Headwaters Gatherings has events and workshops that elevate the art of gathering, with Indigenous ceremonies, speakers, panels, community, and movement to thoroughly inspire and uplevel in mind, body, and spirit.

    • Cascade Retreat for Men, Women, and Children—June
    • Across the Water Women’s Retreat—October

    No matter what paths you take while traveling through Jackson Hole, no one leaves here unchanged. Our simple invitation is to embrace the spectacular and accept the astonishing to amplify your spirituality, consciousness, and self-awareness and spread the peace when you return home.

    • Slow Down Summer by Slowing Down Yourself

      When planning a trip to this special place it can be easy to overbook your itinerary and try to do it all, but the real magic comes when we do the opposite: slow down and listen.