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    Sleigh Rides

    The original horsepower.

    Horse-drawn sleighs used to be a fact of life in Jackson—it was the valley’s main winter transportation. Today they’re just for fun.

    Stepping up into a horse-drawn sleigh feels like stepping back in time. And it is. For the first several decades that white settlers lived in Jackson Hole, horse-drawn sleighs were the best way to get around the valley during the winter. Families who lived outside of town would load up their sleigh and come in for supplies or even for a dance. A one-way trip took almost a full day, so they’d spend the night and head home the following day. Sleighs were used for work, too. When the National Elk Refuge was founded in 1912, the elk were fed hay thrown off the back of horse-drawn sleighs.

    Several local outfitters keep this part of our history alive by offering rides throughout the winter. Load up, snuggle into blankets, sip hot chocolate, and sleigh back in time.

    Local Tip

    Sleigh rides can get cold. Blankets used to always be part of a sleigh ride experience. Since Covid, this has changed. When you book your sleigh ride, ask if a blanket will be provided or if you should bring an extra layer. Also wear your warmest boots, gloves, and hat.

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