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    How to Have a Car-Less Jackson Hole Vacation

    By Friends of Pathways

    Get Around Jackson Hole without a Car.

    You don’t need a horse, buggy, or an expensive SUV to experience Jackson Hole. The last of the old west is best enjoyed on foot, by bike, shuttle, or public transportation.

    Teton County has over 70 miles of paved pathways and 152 miles of local dirt trails so you can easily enjoy our beautiful valley by foot or bike. Many of the paved pathways lead to the dirt trails, so you can be in the car less and outside more.

    Still need a lift? Jackson Hole has plenty of options, from public buses to local taxis to Uber, Lyft, and wildlife tour vans. If you just landed at the airport, provided you are staying at a hotel or with a lodging company that offers transportation, taking a shuttle to-and-from the airport simplifies your arrival and departure experience. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about renting a car, finding parking, or driving while you’re on vacation.

    Walking & Biking

    Getting around Jackson without a vehicle has never been easier. Once you get boots on the ground, the town can be conveniently explored by foot or bike. Many hotels, restaurants and shops are located in the downtown area, making Jackson an ideal destination for walkability and convenience. Sidewalks are on almost every street, and pedestrian-friendly crosswalks are available on most blocks. A protected bike lane goes through the entire town, hop on it and you can bike nearly anywhere – Snow King, Teton Village, even Grand Teton National Park, safely separated from cars. Jackson Hole’s bike lanes have earned the town a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Need a bike to get out there? Bike rentals are available at most of the 13 bike shops throughout Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village.

    Jackson’s START Bus System

    The START Bus system offers a year-round service throughout Teton County. The bus system is an inexpensive and convenient way to get around Jackson Hole. Simply download the Transit App, which has real-time information for START Bus service to help you get around. For those who don’t have the app, you can check the bus schedule online and at each bus stop. If you are staying in the downtown Jackson area, download the START On-Demand app for free in the Apple Store or on  Google Play. START On-Demand is a free on-demand shuttle service that operates only in the downtown area of Jackson. Use it to get around town for free when a walk or a bike ride feels just a little too far.

    Airport to Downtown Jackson Shuttle

    The Jackson Hole Airport and START bus recently announced the launch of an airport shuttle that will take visitors from downtown Jackson to the airport and visa versa, seven days a week. The new airport shuttle, running December 16, 2023 through April 14, 2024, allows guests to travel throughout the entire Valley on comfortable, affordable, frequent public transportation. Learn more about the shuttle here.

    Lodging Shuttle Service

    If you’re staying in one of Jackson’s many hotels or condominium complexes, you’ll most likely have access to a complimentary hotel shuttle service. The hotel shuttles will take you to local attractions, shops, restaurants, events and most places within the Jackson limits for free. Check with your lodging company to learn about available shuttle services.

    Taxis and Ride Share Services

    Jackson offers a wide range of taxi and ride share programs including Uber, Lyft and taxi services that will take you around town and neighboring towns in Teton County. These are perfect if you’ve hit the bars and are a little late to catch the bus route – keep in mind, rides are dependent on driver availability and prices can surge during peak hours and events so plan accordingly.

    Wildlife Tours

    Consider hiring a wildlife tour company for the day off you’re hoping to see buffalo, moose, bears, wolves, and other fauna. Not only do the guides know where the animals are that you want to see, they can interpret what you are seeing, give context, and answer your questions. On top of that, someone else will be doing the driving, allowing your entire party to experience the beautiful scenery and wildlife together.

    Friends of Pathways

    Thank you to Friends of Pathways for contributing this content. Friends of Pathways supports a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole.

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